Natural Candle: Soy Wax & Essential Oils

Product Description

Cleaner burning and longer lasting natural candle for your home spa, made with soy wax and delicate aromas from essential oils

Candles provide an ambient atmosphere to allow you to kick back and relax; the sad fact is that most conventional brands are formulated with chemicals that  fill your home with toxic fragrance when you burn them.

Thank goodness for natural alternatives such as our soy wax candles!

Not only are our soy candles clean burning, they last a lot longer too! We also fragrance our candles with only natural essential oils so you can avoid an artificial and overpowering scent and instead enjoy a pleasant, delicate aroma that provides some wonderful benefits depending on the scent you choose.

Calm your mind with lavender, boost your spirits with blood orange or pink grapefruit or stay alert with peppermint. We also have a variety of blends you can choose from so there’s something to suit every mood!

A whitish area may be observed on the candles. It’s completely normal for these white crystalline structures to form on natural waxes such as soy. This frosting is also referred to as the “bloom” and does not affect the candle in any way.

240 g glass jar

Citrus (Pink Grapefruit, Blood Orange & Key Lime)  






Allow a two week lead time when product is not in stock.
Essential Oils