COFFEE BISCUIT - Real Coffee, Shea Butter & Plant Oils - notes of coffee, cinnamon & vanilla - VEGAN

Product Description

Sweet coffee scented soap with hints of buttery cinnamon and vanilla.

Coffee is one of our favorite ingredients, not only for its uplifting scent, but for its ability to boost blood circulation and aid with cellulite. Rich and decadent shea butter combined with a blend of palm, olive and coconut oil provides that moisture parched skin craves, as well as a layer of moisture that stays on and lasts long after you step out of your shower and into your day! This soap is also rich in Vitamin E, an effective skin moisturizer and healer that will provide instant relief to cracked, dry skin.

90 g round bar.


Your order will be shipped within four business days. If this soap is out of stock there is a lead time of 6-8 weeks due to its curing time.


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